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We introduce gyromotics | nova

The next generation prosthetic foot designed for the next generation.

A high performance modular foot made for children and available in sizes EU 25-46. This foot adapts to any activity and size, offering the perfect suspension, comfort and energy return.

Each foot is completely tailor-made and personalized for the user's unique needs and wishes. Experience exceptional comfort and adaptability with gyromotics | nova.

Supports your daily life

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This uniquely designed foot supports your daily life, allowing you to stand longer and walk further with exceptional stability and comfort across any terrain. Conquer hills, navigate narrow forest paths, and even stroll effortlessly on sandy beaches. Experience the ultimate in comfort and stability, wherever you go. 

Custom fit to your body & wishes 

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All parts are designed around your body, intended use and other preferences. You have the freedom to choose your favorite designs and benefit from tailor-made springs, ensuring a perfect match to your needs and wishes. Enjoy enhanced comfort and functionality tailored just for you.

Easy to adjust and repair

Heel blade_size_4K.png

gyromotics | nova is designed for ease of use regarding adjustment and repairs.

With the  modular design the CPO can quickly and easily make adjustments, perform repairs, and replace parts. Easily test the foot with multiple parts available for trial fitting. Whether it’s changes in your activities or physical needs, gyromotics | nova adapts effortlessly.

Crafted with top-grade materials

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We never compromise on quality. Using premium materials like Space Grade Titanium and Carbon Fiber, we ensure our products meet the highest standards. Each product undergoes in-house testing, fully compliant with ISO standards, to guarantee reliability and performance for everyone.


Technical specifications


nova weight*: ​​


450 g

* Based on a size 32 foot​​​​​

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We use strong and lightweight materials like Carbon fiber and Space Grade Titanium!

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Available in sizes:​

EU 25 - EU 46

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​'Big kids' (read adults), can also buy this foot!

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Build height

The minimum build height for nova:



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This build height is based on range 1 and differs per range

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Cosmetic cover

nova comes with its own cosmetic cover with unique design.​

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A standard footcover is not included

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Mobility level

The mobility level for this foot is:


K2 - K4+.

Because it is a tailor-made product, we encourage everyone to try it out!

Because it is a tailor-made product, we encourage everyone to try it out!

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Water resistant

Is nova water resistant?​


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Be sure to clean it after use in salt water.

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